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June 14, 2016


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Did you love Nina's Smokin' look? 

Check out how Amy achieved this look when she was doing Nina's makeup!

"Start off by applying get set eye shadow base in natural all over the eyelid. Top tip: You can also blend a tiny bit underneath the lower lash line too to help set the smokin' eyeshadow. 

Once the eyes are nice and prepped we are ready to smoke them up! 

Take shade 'foolish' and blend onto the centre of the eyelid using eyeshadow brush - 03. 

Using the same brush use 'full house' to sweep into the crease of the eye and define your eye shape. You can do this while keeping your eyes open and looking straight into the mirror. Pop the brush into the crease and blend the eyeshadow through following the natural contour of your eye. 

Using the angled eye shadow brush and Jupiter shade - start to create the smokin effect from the root of the lashes and working upwards. Line the root of your lashes with the eyeshadow first, starting with a thin line at the inner corner of the eye and working up to a thicker line in the outer corners - top and bottom! then take eyeshadow brush - 03 and blend the two shades together. Tip - the trick is to build up the darker shade gradually, so you can keep adding and blending as you go, that way you can make it as smokin or natural smokin as you like! 

Nina Smokin trademark - I like to finish a smokey eye look with a dab of 'moonlight' shade right in the corner of the eye to make the eyes really stand out! 

Finish off by using lots of Flirty eyes Mascara, concentrating on the roots of the lashes."


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