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July 14, 2016


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With the Festival season in full swing, here is how we created Nina's summer/festival vibe make up look using W7's Neon Nights Eye shadow Palette.

Tip - Start off with the eyes first as colour may drop. You can perfect the skin after ;)

Rainbow dipped eye make up: 

Start by applying the Get Set eye primer all over the eye lid and a little underneath the lash line. Essentially for this look - I used a nude eye shadow shade all over the top eyelid and shaded the crease slightly to accentuate the shape... But not too much to distract from the colour used on bottom lash line. 

Here's the fun part: Take the Neon Nights eye shadow palette and a handful of cotton buds (you don't even need fancy brushes for this one!) 

Dip the cotton buds into the desired colour and press it on to the bottom lashes to create a droplet of colour. Start with the first colour on the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards. Take care to make sure you go underneath your bottom lashes to apply and push the colour on, as close to the lashes as you can, to get maximum colour pay off.

Test the technique out on your hand first if useful.

Tip - To intensify the colour even more, use a slightly damp cotton bud - this can also help with a neater application. 

Repeat the process with a second colour ensuring you use a clean cotton bud each time. 

Apply Extra Extra Mascara to frame the eye shadow taking care not to smudge it on the lower lash line. 

Finish with a quick dab of Glowcomotion to the inner corner of the eyes to highlight.

Polish and perfect the skin using the HD foundation and lightly buff where needed. Blend carefully using your fingers around the eyes. This foundation is perfect if you are going to a festival as this will give you a longer lasting base.

On Nina we used lip colour - Spontaneous from the chunky lips range, which brought the whole look together. 


Enjoy! Have fun.

You can use any colour in any order to make this look yours. Mix and match the colours with your outfits or your eye colour! Send in pics of your rainbow eyes to us on social media and let us know how you get on!


Amy xx


Natalie Reed
Natalie Reed


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