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Angel Manicure Gel Nail Colour - Show Stopper

Our W7 Angel Gel Colour has a chip-resistant formula containing a high concentration of pigment which creates a brilliant, smooth and even finish which lasts for up to 20 days.

• Chip-Resistant
• Long Wearing for up to 20 days
• Ultra-glossy finish
• Easy Application 
• Quick drying time

To be used with a soak off base & topcoat. For best results, we suggest using the W7 Angel 2 IN 1 Base & Topcoat

How to use: 
Prepare and shape the nails using a buffer, remove any dust. Clean nail surface with a lint-free cloth. Apply a thin layer of Nail Primer and allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of W7 Angel 2 IN 1 Base & Topcoat and cure. 
Apply a thin layer of W7 Angel Gel Colour and cure. Apply a final, thin layer of W7 Angel 2 IN 1 Base & Topcoat and cure.

Quick Dry:
UV lamp (36 watt 60 seconds), LED Lamp (48 Watt-30 seconds, 36 Watt-40 seconds, 9 Watt-60 seconds) 

Speedy Removal: 
8-10 minutes

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